Wow what a weekend!

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I am normally the slob type and happy to get up at lunchtime at the weekend.

This weekend just gone certainly wasn't the case!

Friday: Day booked off work to cover the Northampton Balloon Festival. Up at 5.30am and out by 6am to get the first balloon launch of the weekend, got some nice pics of them taking off on a pleasent morning luckily from just outside my house.
Spot of breakfast and off over to the actual balloon festival itself which wasn't really busy as it was still a weekday but still plenty going on to photograph. Quick sneaky pint mid afternoon then ready for the main evening launch then back home to do my normal weekend of being a slob!

Saturday: Up again at 5.30am with the plan to head back to the Ballon Festival to get pics of the balloons taking off from the actual festival site. Looked outside, saw the weather wasn't looking too great and didn't expect any balloons to be going up so just laid in bed only to hear, 20 minutes later, the noise of balloons burners as they drifted past. Oh well theres always tomorrow.
Cup of tea and jump in the car to go to do a studio shoot with the lovely Amy Green who was an absolute pleasure to work with and we had some good fun, she even told me I was hot! Unfortunately she meant the overweight, unfit, sweaty kind of hot!!! Pictures up on my website soon, of Amy you will be pleased to know.
After the shoot it was straight home, bite to eat, then back over to the ballon festival ready for the evening launch and night time balloon glow. Then back home for about 10pm to try and catch up on a bit of slobbyness before bed.

Sunday: Up yet again at 5.30am, weather was poor, didn't expect balloons to be going up, snooze, hear balloons flying by. D'oh
Cup of tea, jump in car (bit of repetition going on here, don't you think) and off to V Festival at Weston Park as I was very fortunate to get a press pass for it.
What a fantastic day! Hanging around in the VIP area until an act came on then escorted to the pit area to take pictures, then back to the VIP area until the next act.
Lots of dashing to and from different stages but worth every minute and the media crew were absolutely fantastic.
Managed to photograph loads of acts and had an awesome day.

Sunday, 11:30pm: Arrive home, copy pics from memory cards to computer then collapse onto bed.

Getting up at 7.00am for work on Monday morning felt like a lie in. Waking up on Tuesday at 8am when I am meant to be in the office for 8am, not so good

But I wouldn't have changed anything about the weekend at all.

But this weekend the plan is to go back to my normal 'Slob' routine.

Here is a pic of Amy

Studio Shoots


The rest of the pictures of Amy can be found at

Pics of V Festival can be found at:



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