Amy Rose Shoot

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Once again I find myself at  the great Saracen House Studio this time for my first shoot with the lovely Amy Rose.

After seeing on Facebook that Saracen House had a new toy I was keen to give it a try!

What toy is this? I hear you cry (or is it just the voices in my head)

Well it was a fantastic Fresnel (Pronounced Fraa-nell) lamp.

The best way to describe it is it is the sort of lamp you see hanging from the ceiling in theatres.

Its main selling point is that it is continuous light that produces a very even light that softens towards the edges and it has an 'aperture' that means you control the spread of light very easily.

Examples to follow. But before I get too carried away with lighting I should talk about the most important part of the shoot Amy Rose

I have seen many pictures of Amy Rose on the internet and liked he look with her shot bod style hair and classic looks and I was vry keen to shoot with her.

She was a great model and very friendly and very comfortable in the studio and in front of the Fresnel Lamp which must have been warm and blinding being continuous light but that didn't phase her one bit.

After explaining the sort of shot I wanted to get and showing her the Damask Wallpaper background she found the perfect outfit to suit the style.

So after a quick training course from Andrew on the Fresnel it was shoot time.

You can see perfectly the lighting achieved by this shot

Amy Rose

The light is very even but falls away quite quickly giving a very 'Hollywood' style

After a few pictures with the lovely black dress and necklace it was time for something a little cheekier

Amy Rose This picture demonstrates the circular light much better

After a few more of these pictures it was time to put a lens on the front of the lamp to get rid of the soft edges and produce this great spotlight effect

Amy Rose As you can see this makes a real difference and I think got some people thinking I had used a photoshop effect, but why use an effect when you can do it for real!

It was really good to try out a new lighting technique and Amy Rose was the perfect model for it.

A big thanks to Amy Rose and of course Andrew from Saracen House for his help and for buying new toys for me to play with :)

You can see the rest of the pictures at the following link

Also check out Saracen House at this link


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