Britcar 24 Hour - Silverstone

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After being fortunate enough to get a season pass to Britcar and covering some of the earlier events it was now time to cover the highlight of the season Britcar 24hr at Silverstone.

First thing first was a trip to the supermarket for a large breakfast and to stick up on snacks as it was going to be a long day/night!

Arriving at Silverstone its always a privilege to be blessed with a pass which allows us to park up infield to the event and even better the benefit of being able to drive to different sections of the track for getting the best shots (as long as you don't almost drive onto the track like I once almost did!)

The weather was perfect and because it was a 24 hour race there was more than enough time to find the best locations before it got dark and also to practice panning shots as well as the opportunity to cover the supporting races too and some pitlane pictures

After a crafty beer it was time to do the grid walk which is always popular with the public and even a chance to meet a Paralympian (Pam Relph, Gold medal winner in the LTA mixed cox four)


Pam Relph Then it was a quick dash to get a good position for the start of the race.

I chose to stand on Copse Corner so that I could get pictures of the cars starting from the grid


Then it was time to to try out some different locations for some dusk shots and ultimately night shots


Once darkness came it was time to get the tripod put and set up for some long exposure light trail shots.

At one point I was fumbling with the tripod in almost complete blackness when I turned round to see somebody stood next to me (I nearly soiled my pants!) It was a marshall who after checking that I had a pass was happy to stand by and make sure I was OK and even offered me biscuits. It must be said as long as you use some common sense the marshalls are very friendly and helpful.

So then it was time to set up a few long exposure shots

By 4am though I was struggling to keep my eyes open so it was time to get some sleep in the car.

An hour later with a stiff neck and freezing cold I decided it was time for a coffee!

Next day was a bit damp but still great to be able to cover pictures both trackside and in the pit lane and I am definitely looking forward to doing it again next year.

To see lots more pictures go to my main gallery page:


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