Village at War!

October 22, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

On my way back from a shoot at Saracen House I had heard that Stoke Bruerne was hosting Village at War for its 5th year. Although admittedly I hadn't heard of it before.

Of course being very close to the Navigation pub I had a good excuse to stop for a crafty pint, well we are at war ;)

Because time was getting on I didn't go into the main event field, instead I hovered around the locks to get some candid pictures.

It was truly like stepping back in time to the time of World War II and the first person I bumped into was Winston Churchill


I was really taken aback by the effort everybody had put in to replicate Stoke Bruerne during the war and with its olde worlde charm it was the perfect setting.

Everybody got into the spirit of things from Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen right through to the 'local' home guard, land girls and even the local spiv who had the Military Policeman keeping him in order. Of course the local bobby was making sure everything was under control.


There was even a performance by George Formby

And to quote George I am guessing if it was as good as previously it had definitely 'Turned out nice again'

Next year I am definitely going to make a full weekend of what is a wonderful tradition.


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