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I have known of Katie Green for some time now, I think the first place I saw her was when she was a demonstration model at Focus on Imaging.

Katie is a fellow Northamptonion and is well known on the modelling circuit

She was once the face of Wonderbra and after that had a lot of pressure to lose weight even though she was a perfect size twelve and after trying to lose weight and making herself ill thrugh trying to appease these modelling agencies she decided to quit modelling altogether and it also prompted her to start the campaign against size Zero models I am sure many of you would have heard the slogan 'Say no to size zero'

I have a  great deal of respect for Katie in regards to this as it sends the right message out that models do not have to be stick thin to get professional modelling contracts and I personally think Katie has the perfect figure.

Anyway, luckily for me, Katie does again do some modelling and so I got the great opportunity to shoot with her at Saracen House.

As I work for Avon Cosmetics I bought her a few goodies,keep this in mind future models, not only do you get some cool pics you get freebies! ;)

When I gave her the products she remarked. 'Oh I have modelled for the Avon brochure quiet a few times haven't you seen me in there?'

I had to admit that although I work for Avon I do not tend to look through the brochures but I have now seen the pictures.

We next got to talking about Northampton and its restaurants etc. I mentioned that I live in Great Billing and she asked me if I knew the Elwes Arms pub which is my local, I was then really surprised to find that it is Katies In-Laws that run the pub. What a small world!

Enough chatter though, on to the photos.

As expected, Katie was an amazing model and it didn't take long to explain the shots I was doing and for her to decide upon the perfect outfit.

After hearing that Andrew from Saracen House had recently acquired a ring flash and because I had never used one before I was very keen to give it a go, so while Katie got ready we struggled with getting the flash properly mounted on my camera, (It needs at least three hands!)

For somebody who has never used a ring flash before, the main thing to bear in mind is that, because the ring flash is attached to the camera, you have a moving light source and have to take this into account when positioning yourself as well as the model in relation to the background as apertures will constantly be changing.

Andrew explained it very well to me and gave me some example distances to work with.

As you will see from the following pictures a ring flash give a very unique light with a halo effect around the subject (the distance between the model, photographer and background giving varying effects. It also gives some great catchlights in the eyes.

RingflashKatie Green RingflashKatie Green

Unfortunately my experience with the Ring Flash was short lived as it decided to stop working just a few pictures into the shoot which was a shame for both me and Andrew who had only just bought it and hadn't really used it himself.

(The RingFlash is now up and running again so I intend to use it again sometime)

Also my camera was playing up intermittently so with not much time left I was getting a little worried.

So I decided to use a method I have used previously and one that I really like, in fact it is getting me more and more interested in Portrait photography more than anything else.

This method is using a Beauty Dish and Triflector, the Beauty Dish above and in front of Katie and the Triflector under her chin.

A triflector is basically three smallish reflectors on a special stand which means they can be adjusted to reflect light from below and also to the sides and slightly below. Best way to imagine it is when you see people on the TV (Nearly always Americans!) holding one under their face when sunbathing to get an even tan!

I also had two hair lights above and behind each side to seperate Katie from the background more.

Here is the result

TriflectorKatie Green TriflectorKatie Green

I absolutely love this effect because it almost completely removes all shadows and gives a very clean result.

Because of time limitations I kept this setup but Katie had an idea for a different outfit and a very 50s ish look which really suited this effect with very bright colours

50sKatie Green 50sKatie Green

Finally Katie went off and changed into a very Hawaiian looking set up which also complemented the lighting, just shows what a professional model adds to a shoot.

HawaiianKatie Green

Katie Green


To summarise I absolutely loved working with Katie and I have had the best feedback ever for the pictures I couldn't have produced without Katies expertise.

Thank you Katie and as always Andrew at Saracen House for all of your help

You can see the rest of the pictures at http://www.darrenskidmorephotography.com/katie

You can see Katies official site at http://www.katiegreenofficial.com

And of course check out the studio at http://www.saracenhousestudio.co.uk


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