Easter Thunderball - Santa Pod

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Well, not a good start to Easter and especially Easter Thunderball thanks to the good old British Weather!

Fridays practice and initial qualifying was the best day of the weekend but even so the good old British weather put the mockers on things causing about half of the days events to be postponed to Saturday.

I arrived nice and early on Saturday morning to find that unfortunately nothing was running so the only option was to make use of the wonderful hospitality provided by the always cheerful Suze Morris who also introduced me to the delights of Lemon Curd Milkshakes!!

I had a walk around the pit area which is open to everyone which makes drag racing quite unique and the drivers and mechanics are extremely friendly and love talking about their passion.

By about 11am the skys had cleared (well tried to) and the eager drivers were queuing up to put their best times in.

For those not familiar with drag racing, you can find more information on Wikipedia


But trust me when I say it is a lot more than just going as fast as possible down the quarter mile straight.

With the weather how it was over the whole weekend the racing was a very much stop and start affair but there were other things happening at Santa Pod including a circus for the opportunity to get out of the rain for half an hour.

There was also stunt shows, including motocross, drifting, jet beetle, monster trucks and of course FireForce 3 Jet Car So plenty to keep everyone entertained

The crews involved in making the track dry worked extremely hard and I have a lot of respect for them as their patience was tested a lot with the raining stopping just long enough for them to get the track dry enough for racing only to start raining again straight after.

None the less everyone seemed remarkably upbeat and didn't let anything phase them.

When the weather did hold off, as well as the Drag Cars and Bikes there was also the spectacle of Santa Pods very own FireForce 3 Jet Funny Car capable of speeds up to 300mph and the crazy Frenchman Eric Teboul on his Rocket Powered bike which makes him the fastest person on two wheels (and mad as a box of spanners!)


Despite the rain Santa Pod got as much racing in as the weather and other outside influences would allow (If the track gets too cold it is unsafe to run as the cars cannot get grip so its not just the rain) and continued into the evening every day.

I thoroughly recommend coming to one of the drag racing events held at Santa Pod just to experience the pure power and noise of Top Fuel Dragsters

Lets hope for better weather next year.

You can see all of my pictures at the link below.





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