Frikkin Lasers!

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Just over a week ago Amber Tutton posted on her Facebook page that she had a laser pointer and wanted to do a shoot with it.

Immediately the cogs in my brain groaned and whirred into life (they take a while to get going these days!) and my first thought was Cat Burglar probably because one of my favourite comedies was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and anybody who has seen that will know the scene I was thinking of ;)

So I immediately got in touch with Amber and said 'When are we shooting then?' 

Of course Amber being Amber she was up for shooting something different straight away and was ready for action!

After talking about the outfit I had to find a studio and after being impressed with Saracen House the last time I went I contacted Andy to make sure they had a smoke machine and of course they did.

The next available time that suited us all was less than a week away and thats when the first sign of panic set in!!

I need props, mainly Frikkin Laser Beams (Thanks Dr Evil) as I know the one green laser I had would be good but nowhere near enough. Luckily my nephew had three more (I don't know why either, that might explain all the plans crashes near where he lives)

So lasers sorted now for the cat burglar scene I was thinking I need a big fake diamond or lots of little ones, could I find some? Could I hell this was about two days before and the panic was growing rapidly.

After trying joke shops and hobby craft I finally thought to check with work as they do conferences and might have something.

Success they had some clear plastic beads that would be perfect, phew as this was the day before.

So with less than 24 hours to go I had everything I needed but still had lots of ideas.

Shoot Day:

Arrived at the studio with props etc in hand and discussed with Andy my plans and he was well up for it and gave some good ideas too.

Amber arrived looking exactly as I had asked, a true professional as always.

So then we rigged lasers around the studio with mirrors positioned to bounce them around the room and got the smoke machine warming up.

A single soft box was set up and camera on a tripod set at 30 second exposure (lowered to 20 seconds later on which worked just as well)

Then with smoke billowing Amber knew just the poses to do and had her own ideas which worked out a treat also she was not afraid to look silly and produced a great expression for the final shot.

The evening went really well and the only enemy was time as I had lots of other ideas but was not able to put them into place but I came away happy with the results.

Amber as always was absolutely fantastic and I don't think I could have done it with anyone else and Andy was a great help too mainly being smoke provider and laser pen holder as we had no sharks and the mutant sea bass were unavailable (go and watch  this - Austin Powers )

Anyway I have typed enough just see the sample pics here then go off and look at the rest of the pictures on my website.

Many Thanks to Amber and Andy from Saracen House for helping me get something different.


AmberStudio Shoots

Studio Shoots Studio Shoots Studio Shoots Studio Shoots

You can see the rest of the pictures at the link below.


You can see more of Ambers Work at her website 


Last but not least check out Saracen House




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