Vicki Blatchley - Check :)

June 21, 2012  •  1 Comment

I have followed Vicki Blatchleys work for some time now as I am always impressed with the variety of different looks she achieves and the hair and those eyes make for lots of images that are extremely pleasing to the eye.

When I started doing photography as a hobby I remember thinking, I would love to do a shoot with Vicki but at the time thought it would never happen (my lack of confidence, more than anything)

I met her once very briefly at Focus on Imaging and this just made me want to shoot with her more as she was so pleasant.

So when the possibility of a shoot with her presented itself I jumped at the chance immediately.

I have to say I came away from the shoot a very happy person.

Vicki was a delight to work with and helped me out a lot by making me direct her rather than doing it for me (I wish I had kept my trap shut instead of telling her I am still learning techniques) but fair play to her because as well as being a great model she is also a very accomplished photographer herself so she know what is required from both sides of the camera.

I hope to work with Vicki again sometime


Vicki Blatchley Vicki Blatchley

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1.Tim Huckle(non-registered)
Great looking girl, nice work Skids.
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