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As I type this I am also slapping my wrist for being very slack in regards to updates recently, I will also hang my head in shame when I have finished and go and sit on the naughty step.

So whats happened since my last update?

Quite a lot (more slapped wrists) So working in reverse order lets see what I have done. So much in fact that I am going to split this blog into events and model shoots so as you can see from the title (that I have just gone back to change but you would never have known that if I had not mentioned it just now D'Oh)

Anyway here we go:

What seems like ages ago now was Top Gear Live back in November if I remember rightly.

As usual there were some amazing cars on show and I dread to think what the combined value of all the cars and equipment that was on sale came to!

For me the highlight of the show though is the live show hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond which is always hilarious and the fact that I like to enjoy the show I did not interrupt my enjoyment by taking photos sorry.

You can see all the pictures HERE

OK one down several to go, so whats next....

Flame and Thunder and Gymkhana Grid

This show which is hosted at Santa Pod is always a good show if a little chilly but there was a very entertaining addition to the show for the first time which was the Gymkhana Grid with special guest Ken Block.
If you are not familiar with Ken Blocks driving style here is a link to the sort of thing he gets up to
A gymkhana grid race is a head to head timed race where two cars race round an identical circuit which normally involves high speed runs as well as precision driving including plenty of drifting and doughnuts.This is a very good spectator sport as it is normally contained in a small circuit which enabled the spectators to see the action up close.

For this particular race the finalists got to go head to head with Ken himself

I hope Ken makes a return again this year

You can see the rest of the pictures HERE

Moving on...

Footman James Classic Car Show

This show which is held at the Birmingham NEC just gets bigger and bigger every year with some absolutely fantastic classic cars on display

You can see all of the rest HERE

Next is on for you Motorbike Enthusiasts

Motorcycle Live

Again this show is held at the Birmingham NEC and has a huge selection of bike on display from racing bikes right through to classics and plenty of celebrities from the Motorbiking world and of course lots of lovely ladies!

You can see the rest HERE

Thats enough motorsports for the time being, lets move onto some gorgeous women and great fashion with....

Clothes Show Live including Britain and Irelands Next Top Model

This was the first time I had been to the Clothes Show although I had been to Britain and Irelands Next Top Model Live before at Londos Excel but now the two are combined and more conveniently for me at the NEC

I went to this show twice, once on press day and then back again with my Nieces in tow.

It is a fantastic show with plenty to see and lots of catwalk shows and of course the main Clothes Show Live Catwalk

I met all of the girls from Britain and Irelands Next Top Model who were very friendly and happy to pose for photos with top hairstylist Adee Phelan who was a top bloke and gave my Nieces loads of gifts as he like the picture below so much. (Typical, I do the hard work, and my Nieces get the gifts!)
BINTMLClothes Show Live 2012 The main catwalk show was absolutely amazing and both myself and my Nieces enjoyed every second of it.
Can you guess from the picture below what song the finale was?
Clothes Show Live 2012
You can see the rest of the pictures HERE


Phew, not many to go now, so now its....


This event is held every boxing day and is a great way to blow away the cobwebs after a stuffing our faces with Turkey and Christmas pud.

It is a motocross event through extremely muddy fields and always has a great turn out of both competitors and spectators
Wild and Wooly I have a lot of respect for the riders as having to get those heavy bikes through thick mud is clearly utterly exhausting.

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

And now its 2013 yay Happy New Year etc etc and the first show of the year for me was...


Another event at the NEC and one that I always enjoy going to, like Top Gear Live there is a vast array of amazing cars (and boats) on display all of which are based around various motorsports. There are also celebrities from the motorsport world including the Formula One legend that is Sir Jackie Stewart

Sir Jackie StewartAutosport International 2013 I highly recommend this show to anybody with an interest in motorsport especially Formula 1

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

Now its time to go out of the relative warmth of the NEC to the outdoors of Stoneleigh Park for....


I love Race Retro because it is the perfect opportunity to see classic rally cars back on the road in a rally sprint competition and although the cars are classics the drivers are not agains throwing caution to the wind.

Race Retro
This years show had the added bonus of two legends from two different aspects of Formula 1, Legendary Racer Sir Stirling Moss and Legendary Commentator Murray Walker

It was a real honour to be able to get some photos of them

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

Dont worry I am nearly done now and next stop is Donnington Park for

British Touring Car Championship Media Day

This day is a chance for the BTCC to show off their new cars and car liveries as well as the drivers to the gathered press for the new BTCC season.

It is also gives the drivers a chance to test their cars out, put them through their paces and make tweaks.

Although bloody cold it was a very entertaining day with plenty of action as well as a chance to take photos in a working pit lane

Good luck to all the drivers in the championship and I hope to make some of the events

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

'Is that everything?' I hear you say.

Nope just one more trip back to Santa Pod for...


Previously known as Easter Thunderball this is a family event and the first opportunity to see and hear (and boy can you hear them) some Top Fuel Dragsters

Being almost the start of British Summertime it was a bitterly cold day but very entertaining with plenty going on both on and off the track and even in the sky.

One highlight is Eric Tebould and his Hydrogen Peroxide 7000bhp rocket bike capable of speeds in excess of 250mph in a mere 1/4 mile.

Eric Teboul Rather him than me!

Another highlight that hasn't been seen in years was two Jet Cars in a side by side race. Unfortunately for the first run the spoke from the cars was blown across the track and the second run the sheer power caught me off guard and I missed the shot but this pic should give you an idea.

Jet Cars

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

OK thats it no more for now just kidding that is it.

Thanks for reading and I promise to keep the blog more up to date in future.

Now its time for a cup of tea then onto the models blog!


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