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For those of you that read my previous post I have just returned from the naughty step for not updating this blog recently.

So now that I have got the event coverage out of the way its time to move onto my Studio Shoot blog (No rest for the wicked, or should that be lazy)

Without further ado lets move on to the the lovely and absolute fruit loop that is 


I have known Torrs for a little while now via some of the shows she has worked at and when she is not busy checking floorboards or considering planking on the top of a stand (ask myself or Torrs sometime for more info) she is also a fantastic model.

When I saw that Torrs was doing a model day I jumped at the chance to shoot with her but I hadn't really thought of what to do even when walking into the studio I was still thinking of what to do so we went for something simple and a little risqué with bondage tape (Its not as weird as it sounds honest)

I also decided to do the whole shoot in black and white which I think worked out pretty well

Many thanks to Torrs for being such a great model

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

Next up is Geordie Lass


Emma is another girl I have known from the shows and with her Geordie accent she is hard to miss at the shows
This time after a fully black and white shoot with Torrs I decided to go for lots of colour with EKDs shoot

A lot of the pictures were taking using a Ring Flash which give a very distinct look and great catchlights in the eyes



Thanks to EKD for the shoot

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

Next up was the lovely


This was my second shoot with Vicki and she is an absolute pleasure to work with

Again I was struggling with what to do in this shoot and I tried doing a very high key B&W shoot with her which may not be to everyones taste.

Vicki Blatchley I quite like the effect but because it was such a great hair colour I had to do some colour pics too
Vicki Blatchley I look forward to working with Vicki again very soon hopefully

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

Next up was a portfolio styled shoot for 

Giorgia Davies

Again, I know Giorgia from the shows (Bit of a theme going on here dont you think?) and she is hoping to get into acting which she is studying at Uni.
Because of this she wanted to get some new pictures for her portfolio and I was very happy to oblige
Giorgia Davies

Giorgia Davies WIth Giorgias great looks expect to see her on your TV/Cinema screens in the future

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

The next model on the agenda was a bit of a regular for me even though every time we shoot she has a different (but always stunning) look


Amber is always a pleasure to work with and always willing to try anything.

For this shoot I decided to go for the Hollywood Glamour look including some 50 shades of grey inspiration! Most of these were shot using continuous lighting which used to be the main method back in the earlier days of photography and it give a very nice look.

Amber Tutton Amber Tutton I cant wait to see what look Amber has for our next shoot together

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

Next was somebody I have wanted to shoot with for a long time but she lived too far away to sort something out, so when I heard she was doing a model day fairly close to be it was an opportunity not to be missed.


Maxxis Babe and all round great model Nickie Ann was great fun to work with and had lots of her own ideas and I really enjoyed the shoot we did together.

Nickie Ann Nickie Ann I hope to shoot with Nickie Ann again

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

Last but definitely not least was


I have know Tasha for a few years now and we have done shoots before but after having a baby she wanted to get back into modelling and I was happy to be able to help out, You would never think she had given birth less than a year ago!
Natasha Fretwell

Natasha Fretwell

I can see that she will do very well if she decides to follow her modelling career

You can see the rest of the pics HERE

Thats it for the time being but a massive thanks to all of the girls featured for making my hobby so much fun.

Also thanks to Saracen House, Studio One and GM Studios for the use of such great facilities


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