2014 Studio Shoot Roundup

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my friends and people who have helped me with my photography.

Now that I have posted up my Events roundup blog it is time to post my Studio Shoot update.

I have been very fortunate to work with some fantastic models since I started my photography hobby and I just want to share some of my work since the last update.

Natasha Kalashnikova

I have worked with Natasha before and she is a fantastic model so it was a pleasure to work with her again.

Andrew from Saracen House had recently bought some new backdrops so I thought Natashas look would be ideal for a Graffiti style shoot.

As you can see Natasha is great at pulling off the look and her tattoos and piercings suit this style really well but I am a fan of headshots as well so I had to get some of those as well.

You can see all of them HERE


Steph Mackenzie

Next up was somebody who hadn't done much modelling before but a mutual friend said she was interested in getting some shots so we arranged a shoot and considering she hadn't done much Steph was a natural. I would definitely like to shoot with her again in 2015

You can see the whole gallery HERE


Emma Cops

Next was a little bit of cheating! As it was World Cup year I decided to get some photos from 4 years ago and revisit them.

Emma is a good friend of mine who I have known for many years and I was surprised to see that my editing skills have improved since we did this shoot the first time around.

After a break from modelling and a two year trip to Australia, Emma is getting back into modelling and I highly recommend her to anybody looking for a great model.

You can see the other images HERE


Amy Green

Unless you have been living under a rock you must have heard of Amy Green who has appeared in many publications over her modelling career as well as being one of the Maxxis Babes.

I have worked with Amy before and she is such a friendly and easy going person it is always a pleasure to work with, in fact I think we spent as much time gossiping as we did taking photos.

The rest of the gallery is HERE


Helen Gibson

I had seen pictures of Helen before and decided I would really like to work with her and when I bumped into her at Clothes Show live back in 2013 we ended up doing a shoot not long after.

She was very friendly and I felt like we had known each other for a while as soon as we started shooting and she was very good at getting me some great shots.

The rest of the images can be found HERE


Yazmin White

I had done a shoot with Yazmin as part of a larger group a few years ago and decided I would like to work with her again so contacted her not long ago. Like Steph Yazmin hadn't done much modelling before but you wouldn't have though so as she was very good and getting just the look I had in mind and for something different we gelled the background to get some interesting colours (not photoshop).

Yazmin is also very good with applying her own makeup which really made a difference in the photos and she could quite easily be a MUA.

More images HERE


Michelle Westby

I have known Michelle for a long time now and consider her to be a good friend. We did a location shoot a little while ago but amazingly Michelle hadn't done much studio work.
We were at a party last year and Gordon Milner was with us and had been talking about getting Michelle to do a studio day at his studio but Michelle was nervous that the time slots wouldn't sell.
Within a couple of hours of advertising her first studio day all times had sold out and she ended up doing another to make sure everybody got to shoot with her, this also sold out very quickly.
Michelle is very unique as she is also a very accomplished drift driver and Maxxis Babe and I know when I share pics of hers they get thousands of likes in no time at all!

She was an absolute pleasure to work with and we got some fantastic results, We are also planning another shoot soon

You can see the rest HERE


Hayley Sams

Hayley is another girl I have known for years and somebody I like to consider a friend but I had never got round to shooting with her.
When the opportunity came up to shoot with her I decided I needed to do something different and after much brain racking I decided on a Sin City style shoot.
When I explained it to Hayley she knew exactly what was needed and pulled the look off brilliantly.

This next photo is one of my favourites as I went out of my comfort zone but was very pleased with the result.

This shot involved quite a bit of work and a big mistake I made was to shoot her against a black background as it made it very difficult  to cut her out of the background and put her into this new one.
I am pleased with this shot because every part of it are my own images. The moon was from a shot a couple of years ago and the skyline was the New York Skyline that I shot probably 10 years ago. It was also a daytime shot which I inverted and tweaked to give the surreal look. 
Also the gun was a toy gun with an orange tip which needed a barrel to be added.

As weil as this shot I got some other ones I am pleased with

You can see some more HERE


Kylie McKerrell

I have shot with Kylie before and she had just changed her hairstyle and wanted some new pictures so I was more than happy to help out.
Kylie had seen some gelled shots and wanted to try that so instead of lighting the background like I did with Yazmin, Kylie decided we should gel the main strobes which gave a very unique look. And of course we needed to get some standard head shots too.

You can see the rest HERE

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with everyone in this blog and all of the other fantastic models over the years and I am looking forward to ramping up my game in 2015.

A special thanks to Andrew Griffiths and Gordon Millner for their help and use of their fantastic studios.

You can see their websites at the links below

Andrew Griffiths - Saracen House

Gordon Millner   - GMPix

                         - Commercial

Check out all of my Studio Shoots HERE


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