GoPros and new toys!

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Although my main passion is photography I also like to use my GoPro HD Heros especially at race events where I have been able to stick the cameras on some pretty awesome cars as you can see from the examples below.

With the latest firmware update to the GoPro HD Hero 4 Black it is also possible to get some pretty awesome 240 frames per second footage which translates to super slow motion.

Wanting to get more from these awesome little action cameras I stumbled across the latest gadget which I new I had to have!

It is the FeiYu Tech G4 3 Axis Gimbal (Image courtesy of FeiYu Tech)


It is specifically designed for the GoPro HD Hero 4 and is used to provide a smooth platform for videoing and taking photos with the GoPro even in pretty extreme conditions.

The three axis brushless motors means the GoPro will stay steady and smooth even when the person using it is jolting it around.

In its standard mode it will always point toward the horizon and if the handle is twisted left or right it will only move if the handle is kept rotating and even then it will move smoothly.

It also has other modes, the second mode being that when the handle is tilted up or down it will slowly and smoothly move up and down to follow but will still dampen any other sudden moves.

A third mode will lock it to one position so that no matter how much the handle is moved it will continue to look in that direction.

Finally those modes can all be used in an upside down mode for nice low angle shots especially when the option extension handles are used.

If you want to know more look at it on  FeiYu Techs website at

Now lets see what it is capable of

I still need to practice and my video editing skills need to be improved but this gives you a good idea of what smooth results can be produced when using this great gadget.

This video was taken at the first round of Fuletopia Barrel Sprint at Santa Pod Raceway

I have ordered a clamp for it also which means I will be able to put it inside cars for some pretty impressive first person view footage.

Watch my website and YouTube channel for more videos, thanks for reading.


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